About Colin Smith

Colin Smith left school at the age of 16 and
joined the British Royal Navy.
He served for 17 years during the Cold War
on Nuclear submarines, sometimes
spending many months underwater on
Nuclear Deterrent Patrols.
He left the Navy in 1997 and emigrated to
Australia in the year 2000 and started an IT
Support company.

His e-commerce company now employs 5
people and is now totally automated.
This company became very successful,
with the success came money and with the
money came materialism and debt.

Being self-employed should mean
freedom to live your life how you wish,
however it soon became a burden. It
became Colin’s RAT RACE.

Working hard long hours just to pay the bills.
In 2009 he decided he needed change,change for his life and for his family’s. He decided to move into e-commerce and selling online.

Nine years later he distributes a variety of
products and it has changed his life. He
has broken those chains of employment.
He has the laptop lifestyle, the freedom to
work from anywhere in the world without
the burden of debt.
His e-commerce company now employs 3
people and is now totally automated.
This website is about the path to follow to
help you move in this direction.