Ecommerce Corporation Team

We’re smart, we’re hardworking, we’re creative and we love what we do! Although we specialize in different fields, we all share the same vision and values, making us a solid team. We’re driven by the idea that the best work is born from diligence, craftsmanship and fun. And we all aim to help every photographer step up to the next level.

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Name: Cris Ann Aton
Age: 24
Job Description: In-charge of Hiring, Facilitation and Performance Management of Office Technologies’ staff. 
Hobbies: Triathlon

Fascinated with human behaviour
, Cris Ann took up Bachelor
of Science in Psychology and is now a master in Human Resources Management. After years of practice, she has now become highly proficient in Hiring, Sourcing and Performance Management.
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Name: Donna Marie Padua
Age: 31
Job Description: Creates contents for websites and blogs to boost SEO, and responsible for composing copywrites, ads and press releases for marketing.
Hobbies: Travelling

Engineer turned Writer. Donna found a deeper interest in expressing her thoughts in words rather than numbers. With over three years of experience, she has now mastered different writing styles for content, SEO, copywriting, blogging; name it she writes them all.
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Name: Glen Amenamen
Age: 24
Job Description: Involved in developing advertising and marketing strategies, managing Facebook & Instagram Ads, and handling social media accounts.
Hobbies: Travelling, reading articles and watching videos online

Glen takes pride as a Registered Marketing Professional (RMP). He is competent in the various fields of marketing and is highly effective at helping SMEs grow. His expertise is on converting strangers to loyal customers through Facebook Ads and Social Media Marketing.